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JP-S6398393-U: patent, JP-S6399952-U: patent, JP-S6411374-U: patent, JP-S6414382-U: patent, JP-S6417497-U: patent, JP-S6456657-U: patent, JP-S649097-U: patent, KR-20160001112-U: 클립이 구비된 칼블럭 patent, KR-20170000059-U: A toothbrush box patent, KR-20170002402-U: Container for Recycle-waste of the Garbage vehicle patent, JP-WO2008069297-A1: ホイールローダ patent, JP-WO2010095264-A1: コンテンツ送信装置、コンテンツ出力システム、送信制御方法、送信制御プログラムおよび記録媒体 patent, JP-WO2013061462-A1: 歯科用成形体 patent, JP-WO2013094174-A1: 非接触給電装置および非接触電力伝送システム patent, JP-WO2014034942-A1: 送風機 patent, JP-WO2014061142-A1: 案内支援システム及び案内支援方法 patent, JP-WO2015045041-A1: 筒型防振装置 patent, JP-WO2015111152-A1: データベース管理システム及び方法 patent, JP-WO2015159441-A1: 酸化防止剤 patent, JP-WO2016104168-A1: 歯車構造体およびサーボモータ patent, US-2001003591-A1: Waterproofing apparatus for terminal connecting portion of sheathed wire patent, US-2001033648-A1: Method and apparatus for detecting dual tone alerting signal in telephone systems patent, US-2001040448-A1: System and method for non-destructive measurement of dynamic coercivity effects patent, US-2001055958-A1: Microwave oscillator an low-noise converter using the same patent, US-2002001693-A1: Process for the production of a shaped article patent, US-2002013543-A1: Apparatus for execution of hydromassages patent, US-2002015042-A1: Visual content browsing using rasterized representations patent, US-2002050312-A1: Spike for motor vehicle tires patent, US-2002054843-A1: System and method for purifying exhaust gases patent, US-2002067703-A1: Method and system for allocating a carrier frequency in a radio communication system patent, US-2002075242-A1: Ultrasonic touch panel system patent, US-2002112184-A1: System and method for secure transmission of data clients patent, US-2002125447-A1: Devices and methods for monitoring respective operating temperatures of components in a microlithography apparatus patent, US-2002132991-A1: Methods for purifying highly anionic proteins patent, US-2002136637-A1: Blade fixture patent, US-2002143732-A1: Method and system for performing asynchronous preformatting in a database system patent, US-2002155304-A1: Sliding bearing and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2002168288-A1: Heating sludge patent, US-2003012303-A1: Method and apparatus for optimizing a PRML data-receiving channel for data-storage systems patent, US-2003012797-A1: Soft capsule patent, US-2003038113-A1: Process for charged particle beam micro-machining of copper patent, US-2003049230-A1: Methods for protection of plants from Oomyocyte pathogens by use of Serratia marcescens and isolates patent, US-2003059512-A1: Method and apparatus for separation of milk, colostrum, and whey patent, US-2003078510-A1: Electrocardiogram filter patent, US-2003089685-A1: Electronic beam drawing apparatus, method of regulating electronic beam drawing apparatus, and electronic beam drawing method patent, US-2003089781-A1: Computer system interface surface with processing sensor patent, US-2003097214-A1: Method and control apparatus for operating an internal combustion engine patent, US-2003098176-A1: Insulated wire patent, US-2003102873-A1: Balance high density 110 IDC terminal block patent, US-2003107496-A1: Audable combination light socket-adapter patent, US-2003129321-A1: Process for manufacturing pattern forming body patent, US-2003129496-A1: Cathode active material for a lithium secondary battery and a manufacturing method therefor and a lithium secondary battery using said active material and a setup module of said lithium secondary battery using said cathode active material patent, US-2003142380-A1: Scanning optical system patent, US-2003146561-A1: Automatic document feeder having a document-ejecting/feeding mechanism patent, US-2003151448-A1: Negative voltage output charge pump circuit patent, US-2003155240-A1: Fuel cell gas sensors patent, US-2003166562-A1: Treatment for asthma or allergies patent, US-2003171231-A1: Ordered liquid crystalline cleansing composition with benefit agent particles patent, US-2003174342-A1: Method for measuring interference and apparatus for measuring interference patent, US-2003183963-A1: Ceramic material for dental applications and a method for the production thereof patent, US-2003188087-A1: Smart multi-functional compound memory patent, US-2003189948-A1: Priority data transfer method patent, US-2003194835-A1: Method for fabricating ceramic chip packages patent, US-2003198556-A1: Turbofan and mold used to manufacture the same patent, US-2003213272-A1: Adapter for fastening water level regulators patent, US-2003220313-A1: Selective nuclear receptor-targeted systems for delivery of cytotoxins to cancer cells for targeted photodynamic therapy patent, US-2003221053-A1: Game disk layout patent, US-2003225616-A1: Customer management method using point giving of prise winning type with customer patent, US-2003227309-A1: Analog synchronous mirror delay circuit, method of generating a clock and internal clock generator using the same patent, US-2003233681-A1: ICE1, a regulator of cold induced transcriptome and freezing tolerance in plants patent, US-2004013193-A1: Video encoder and/or decoder patent, US-2004018140-A1: Process for the production of modified carbon black patent, JP-4457176-B1: 紙葉類搬送装置 patent, JP-4530298-B1: 吊下げ式免震建物 patent, JP-5873206-B1: 建設機械のエンジンの高温水冷却装置 patent, JP-5945089-B1: ゲームプログラム、ゲーム制御方法及び情報処理装置 patent, JP-6192877-B1: データ処理システム及びデータ処理方法 patent, JP-6196366-B1: 簡易型感震ブレーカー patent, JP-S5111812-B1: patent, JP-S5119197-B1: patent, JP-S5345506-B1: patent, JP-S5611727-B1: patent, KR-100579122-B1: Forming device of multi-color glitter line on sheet and glitter sheet patent, KR-100579414-B1: 전지팩용 보호회로 장치 patent, KR-100591590-B1: Sealing device patent, KR-100594289-B1: 크롬리스 위상 반전 마스크 및 그 제조방법 patent, KR-100599158-B1: Broadcasting receive apparatus having quick search function and method thereof patent, KR-100608836-B1: 아날로그 음량 조절이 가능한 스피커를 구비한 휴대용단말기 patent, KR-100611246-B1: Read and write apparatus and method for disc patent, KR-100612026-B1: Ink-jet head and ink-jet image forming apparatus adopting the same, and method for compensating missing nozzle patent, KR-100612296-B1: Rechargeable lithium battery patent, KR-100619521-B1: 교각기초 세굴 방지대 설치구조 patent, KR-100632677-B1: Lithography apparatus capable of controlling transmitted light intensity patent, KR-100638279-B1: 질소산화물이 함유된 배기가스 처리장치 patent, KR-100638489-B1: Hollow piston of compressor and method for manufacturing and apparatus the same patent, KR-100668919-B1: 이동통신단말기에 의한 인터넷서비스의 음성처리방법 및그 장치 patent, KR-100681904-B1: 이동통신 시스템에서의 호 처리 방법 patent, KR-100685179-B1: Union instrument for multi layer of packing receptacle patent, KR-100690316-B1: Optical receiver for optical wireless communication patent, KR-100690791-B1: Method for improving call reception rate in mobile communication terminal patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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